Foam Gasket Seals as an Alternative to Plastic or Rubber

As a UK market leader in the manufacture and supply of gaskets and glazing seals for the window industry, ExtrudaSeal are always looking to find improved weather sealing solutions for manufacturers and window fabricators throughout the UK. Whilst rubber materials and plastics such as TPE, TPU and PVC are the most commonly utilised gasket materials in the window industry, foam gaskets and seals also provide a high performing alternative.

Foam based gaskets are well suited for use as a weather seal for timber, aluminium and PVCu window and door profiles and have a number of important benefits:

Increased flexibility

Foam gasket seals are more flexible than rubber and plastic alternatives and as a result have excellent sealing properties and will easily return to their initial shape when compressed. ExtrudaSeal’s foam seals are highly durable and will not rip.

foam gasket seals


Foam gaskets benefit from improved performance for the window industry as they allow for higher compression and tighter sealing.


Due to the reduction of density of the structure of foam materials when compared with rubber and plastics, foam gasket seals are more lightweight. However, they do not compromise on durability as weather seals when compared with rubber or plastic alternatives.

foam extrusion

Insulating and weather sealing properties

As a result of the smaller pored structure of foam gasket seals, air flow is restricted and as a result, they provide a strong insulator, keeping warmth in and the cold air outside. As a result, foam gaskets provide a highly energy efficient sealing solution.

The closed cell structure of foam gaskets provides a high resilience to many weather conditions and makes them waterproof. Due to resistance to both hot and cold temperatures, foam will not crack or warp as a result of the weather and as a result, it provides an excellent solution for sealing windows and doors.

Sound insulation

Foam gaskets also have excellent acoustic properties, helping to provide impressive sound insulation for windows and doors, keeping outside noises outside and vice versa.

Kinder to the environment

Foam gasket seals are recyclable and can be reshaped for reuse in other applications. They also require less energy during the manufacturing process than is the case for rubber materials and plastics and as a result, foam gaskets are more environmentally friendly.

foam gasket seal

Competitive prices

When compared with other products on the market, ExtrudaSeal can provide TPE foam gaskets and seals at a very competitive price for use in the windows industry, without the need to compromise on performance.

At ExtrudaSeal, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and service. We can provide a sample within four weeks when we are provided with a drawing for a bespoke design. If you are looking for a gasket seal that ticks all the boxes of your requirements, you can call ExtrudaSeal on +44 (0)121 356 8733 or email our sales team at and we will be happy to assist you.