What are the Benefits of Triple Fin Wool Pile as a Weather Seal?

Choosing the most effective weather stripping products for doors is important for minimising heat loss in their buildings. An effective wool pile will tightly seal the space between the door jamb and the bottom of the door, whilst minimising air flow between the door and the flooring. This increases thermal efficiency without hindering the door’s ability to open smoothly.

Like other forms of sealing there are factors that can cause wool pile to deteriorate over time, such as extreme temperatures or weather, friction and general wear and tear. Doors in a location with high use, are especially prone to deteriorating over time. However ExtrudaSeal offers superior Triple fin wool pile weatherstrips for maximised, long-lasting sealing effects.


High Performance Wool Pile Weatherstrips

We partnered with TechSeal, a leading manufacturer of wool pile products, to supply premium and innovative weather stripping for a wide range of aluminium, timber and PVCu applications. Triple fin wool pile is a highly effective sealing agent to minimise drafts, maintain internal temperatures and help customers conserve energy. The triple fin weather strips use a centred pile for a consistently tighter seal, and bring a number of considerable benefits when compared with standard wool pile:

  • Because of the three pliable barrier fins of triple fin wool pile, the weather strips can reduce air infiltration by up to 25% in comparison to a single fin.
  • With a uniform structural integrity consistent in triple fin weather strips, they offer more effective sealing against air, moisture, light, dust and pests.
  • As well as air and moisture sealing, the triple fin wool pile features a laminated silent fin providing substantial noise insulation.
  • Triple fin wool pile weather strips also feature a solid polypropylene backing, making them easier to install into window and door frames.
  • Built in pile directors help to prevent the piles from spreading or creating a ‘blooming’ effect, common with regular wool pile.

ExtrudaSeal are an exclusive provider of triple fin wool pile in the UK and supply superior weather seals to a wide variety of specifications. To find out more about triple fin wool pile or to speak to us about your specific requirements, please contact us on +44 (0)121 356 8733 or email info@extrudaseal.co.uk.

Where You Might Find an ExtrudaSeal Gasket

Whilst ExtrudaSeal are well known for supplying gaskets for the window and door industry, we can design and manufacture gasket products for many different applications in a wide array of industrial sectors. From our Birmingham base, we have the technology to produce all flexible extrusions in house to provide a fast and cost effective service to customers.

Here are just a few of the places that you will find ExtrudaSeal gaskets:

Windows and doors

diy-repair-renovations04_lOne of our core businesses is supplying gaskets, glazing seals and weather seals for the windows and doors industry. Using our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, we can supply seals for a wide range of profile systems, including:

  • uPVC – We can provide glazing seals and gaskets that are compatible with many of the most popular uPVC profile systems from the past and present, including Rehau, Profile 22 and Veka.
  • Aluminium – The aluminium windows and doors industry is fast growing. Whilst it has been the material of choice for the commercial market for a long time, aluminium window and door frames are increasingly popular for domestic properties, especially with developments in bi-folding doors.At ExtrudaSeal, we can manufacture glazing seals that are designed for compatibility with a number of common profile systems, including Smarts, Senior Aluminium, MetalTech and Aluk. We pride ourselves on providing highly competitive prices.
  • Timbertec – We provide glazing seals, weather seals, parting beads, wool pile and window tapes for all types of wooden window frame styles.

As well as glazing seals, we are also the UK’s exclusive supplier of Tri-Fin triple fin wool pile, which has a number of benefits when compared with standard wool pile weather seals.

triple fin wool pile

Planes, trains and automobiles

We commonly provide gaskets for many different applications within the aerospace, mass transit and automotive sectors. We supply PVC pelmets and buffers for the coach building industry and work for Lawrence David, the UK’s leading manufacturer of trailers, curtainsiders, box vans, refrigerated and rigid bodywork, providing a range of bespoke, high-performance gaskets.


As specialists in flexible extrusions, we manufacture a range of specialist gasket seals for the construction industry. Hydrophilic water seals are designed to provide excellent weather and chemical resistance, expanding by up to ten times when in contact with water and other liquids to provide an effective seal. As a result, they are widely used for a number of applications within the construction industry.


We have created gaskets for an airport runway, using a thermoplastic polyurethane material so that the gaskets expand and contract as the concrete gets hot and cold, providing an effective seal all year round.

If you are in need of a bespoke gasket product for your business, get in contact with us today by calling 0121 356 8733 or email info@extrudaseal.co.uk to speak to us. We will work with you to devise the ideal sealing solution for your application.