Attention to Detail – Why Colour Matters When Choosing Glazing Seals

Only a few years ago, the choice of colours available for gaskets and glazing seals for the aluminium windows and doors industry was extremely limited. Most consumers were happy with grey gaskets as this was the standard, particularly with white window and door fabrications. However, in 2016 the demand for coloured gaskets has grown dramatically.

coloured glazing sealsOne of the key reasons that grey gaskets were and probably still are the most popular glazing seal colour choice is that for a long time, simple white fabrications have been viewed as the standard choice for aluminium windows and doors. However, there are now many more choices available for window and door fabrications in terms of colour and finish. As well as white, consumers can now choose from a variety of bold colours as well as a range of woodgrain finishes.

The result of the increase in choices available for aluminium profiles is that the consumer is now much savvier than before; they know exactly what they are looking for, so a sale can be lost due to the smallest of details. Whilst grey glazing seals may fit aesthetically with standard white frames, when making a bolder colour choice, consumers want a matching gasket for a complete finish. Whilst the structural functionality of windows and doors play a big part in choosing aluminium, the small detail of a coloured gasket can provide the final impetus for a purchasing decision.

As modern customers are more style conscious than ever before, they are far less likely to compromise. This means that aluminium fabricators simply can’t afford to ignore the importance of coloured gaskets and seals.

The growth of the Aluminium industry

The Aluminium industry continues to grow. Whilst aluminium window and door profiles have been very popular in the commercial and industrial sector for a while, demand in the residential sector has increased considerably in recent times. As residential customers are much more likely to choose a wider variety of colours and finishes when buying new aluminium windows or doors, the result is that the demand for coloured gaskets is increasing considerably.

At ExtrudaSeal, as a UK leader in the flexible extrusions market, we are committed to making sure every little detail is just right. As well as providing coloured glazing seals and gaskets for the aluminium sector in more than 1,000 different RAL colour choices, we also provide a colour matching service.

As well as an amazing choice of coloured gaskets, there are also a number of other benefits for fabricators buying gasket seals directly from ExtrudaSeal rather than as part of a package deal. To find out more about our extensive range of coloured gaskets and seals, as well as our in-house expertise and capabilities, simply call today on +44 (0)121 356 8733 or email