Winter – When Gaskets Most Commonly Fail

With winter on the horizon, installers will know that it’s the time of year when window seals and gaskets need replacing. Whether it’s due to crackling and crumbling, because they’ve become unstuck from their frame, or they’re started letting in wind and damp, the colder months are often when problems are highlighted.

weather seals

Replacing a gasket can help to insulate a property and prevent damp air from getting into a window frame, and if you’re a professional – you’ll know that this isn’t a particularly difficult job. But picking the right product for the system you are working with can be a tricky task that sometimes needs expert guidance. Ensuring you have the right gasket for the application means it should stand the test of time and reduce call backs to a bare minimum.

That’s where our team at Extrudaseal come in – helping you pick the right seal or gasket for the job, every time. We’re one of the leading suppliers of replacement seals and gaskets for the glazing industry, and have over 600 designs of seal in our range which are suitable for aluminium, timber and uPVC glazing frames and bi-fold doors. Our range is also compatible with most market leading profile systems, such as Aluk, MetalTech, Senior Aluminium and Smarts – essential in today’s market. Our team will try their best to find an exact replacement seal, and if we can’t find an exact match, we’ll find you a suitable, potentially better alternative.

We offer a huge range of weatherproof gaskets and seals, that work just as effectively in summer or winter. Materials available include TPE, along with PVC Nitrile in a range of hardness, suitable for both single and co-extrusion.


If you’re looking for the perfect gasket for your application, we offer a huge range of different types and colours. To find out more or to ask any questions, call our helpful team today on: (0)121 356 8733 or by email: