Senior Aluminium

As a leading national supplier of gaskets and weather seals for the aluminium window and door market, ExtrudaSeal can provide a comprehensive range of flexible extrusions to suit a wide range of aluminium fabrications.

ExtrudaSeal currently supply roughly half of the aluminium window and door market with innovative sealing solutions at highly competitive prices. As well as providing bespoke solutions for the aluminium sector, we can also provide a wide range of gaskets and Polypropylene Woolpile that are compatible with Senior Aluminium Systems.


Why choose ExtrudaSeal?

There are a number of ways that aluminium fabricators can stand to benefit by purchasing Senior Aluminium compatible weather seals directly from us:

  • Fabricators can save a lot of money by sourcing compatible weather seals and gaskets from ExtrudaSeal rather than buying as part of a package – by cutting out the middle man, it’s estimated that fabricators can make savings of anywhere between 30% and 50%.
  • Senior Aluminium are available in an almost unlimited range of finishes and colours, both inside and outside the frame. Whilst many systems companies will only provide gaskets in a limited number of standard colours such as white, black and greys, we can offer our flexible extrusions in a choice of more than 1,000 RAL colours to perfectly match the aluminium frames. As customers are increasingly style-conscious, it is small details such as colour matched weather seals that can make the difference in a sale.

As well as providing a range of products that are compatible with Senior Aluminium systems, we also offer a wide range of aluminium seals that are compatible with many of the other Aluminium profile systems market leaders.

If you’re an aluminium fabricator interested in finding a more cost effective sealing solution for your Aluminium System, you can contact ExtrudaSeal today by calling +44 (0) 121 3568733 or email us at