DIY & Renovation

DIY & Renovation

Problems with draughty, leaking or rattling windows and doors may be cured by replacing the seals. Over time seals can lose their flexibility, become brittle or even disintegrate. This can happen long before the frames become unserviceable.

Since 1993 Extrudaseal has been one of the largest manufactures and suppliers of seals to the glazing industry. We are also happy to supply seals to the householder with problem windows and doors.

We have over 600 designs of seal in our range – suitable for UPVC, Aluminium and Timber frames – many of them for window systems no longer in production. Our seals are manufactured in high quality TPE and PVC. Most are available in a standard range of colours – brown, caramel and grey as well as black and white.

Seal replacement is normally well within the ability of the average handy person. By far the most difficult part is finding the correct seals for the job.



This is how we can help:

Extrudaseal offers a free matching service – simply send us a small sample (15mm or ½”) of the seal you require and using our years of experience and specialist equipment we will try our best to find an exact match or suitable alternative.

  • A sample is essential – photographs, sketches or inked impressions of the seal are of no value in finding a good match.
  • Always include a contact phone number with your sample.
  • Secure the sample inside the envelope and if the sample is fragile placing it in a small box would be a good idea.
  • Also check that you have paid the correct postage. Please send your sample to this address:
    DIY Dept. Extrudaseal Ltd
    7 & 8 Tamebridge Industrial Estate
    Perry Barr Birmingham
    B42 2TX
  • If we have a suitable seal we will send you a free sample to try before you buy. We will also contact you if we are unable to find a suitable seal.
  • Once you are satisfied the seal is the right one for your needs we can then manufacture and supply in 50 metre coils all for £99.

Please do not ask us to supply in less than 50 metre quantities as seals are manufactured to order.