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How Extrudaseal worked with a customer to develop the new Premium Range

Posted on 24th September 2021

Extrudaseal has developed its new Premium product range with integrated fibre technology for anti-stretch performance to help a customer. 

Chris Byers, Managing Director at the top UK specialist manufacturer of seals and gaskets for windows, doors and industrial applications, Extrudaseal Limited explains: “When one customer told us he was struggling with stretching and shrinking issues on bubble gasket, we knew we could help him. 

“Fabricators often ask us to help with specialist products and we create bespoke extrusions for them. The issues the fabricator was having was on bubble gasket fitted on bifold doors on the factory floor. He told us there were issues with shrinkage and stretching with the gasket they were using, so we went back to the drawing board to create a product that stays in place. 

“The new Premium product is designed with integrated fibre technology for anti-stretch performance. It’s the stable properties of the fibre inside that keeps the gasket from moving, while still maintaining its flexibility to do its primary function as a seal, it’s a great combination. We wanted to make sure it was spot on, so during the development stage we took samples to the fabricator for him to test on the factory floor. It’s really easy because we manufacture everything at our West Midlands production facility. 

“The fabricator is really pleased. He told us it is more stable and the issues they were getting with shrinkage and stretching have gone. 

“It’s great for us to work closely with our customers during the product development stages, because when we bring out a new product, it means its already tried and tested in the field. 

“Our new Premium Range includes a series of gaskets that are prone to stretching, and we are now rolling them out to all customers.”

The new Premium Range products with integrated fibre technology for anti-stretch performance will be on display at FIT Show 2021 so visitors to the show can see for themselves.

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